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BASIC, or Building a Sustainable Investment Community, is an organization that is working to connect Boston-area SRI (Sustainable, Responsible and Impact) investing professionals via educational, social, and networking activities. BASIC strives to achieve its goal primarily by hosting a robust series of events throughout the year. BASIC also operates online channels for knowledge sharing, interactive discussion, and organization facilitation.

The BASIC - Mass Energy Partnership

"Going green" means reducing your impact on the environment. And one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is to make the switch to local renewable energy with Mass Energy's green power programs.

To help Massachusetts residents take meaningful action against climate change and poor environmental and energy policies, BASIC has partnered with Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy). We strive to encourage folks to make sound energy decisions that will help people make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable. 

Mass Energy will also donate up to $50 for each BASIC member who makes the switch to green electricity. So if you decide to make the switch, please encourage your friends and family to be a part of this effort too!

Green Electricity

By making the switch or, in other words, "greening" your electricity consumption, for every kilowatt-hour you consume, one kilowatt-hour of local, renewable energy will come onto the grid. By becoming a member of Mass Energy's green power programs, you will join 8000 other Mass Energy members that are building the demand for 100% New England renewable energy by putting more green power on the grid and displacing dirty fossil fuels that are polluting our environment!

By switching to local renewable energy, Mass Energy's green power programs will add a small charge per kWh to your electric bill, in addition to regular electricity charges. The more or less electricity you use, the more or less you pay. And because Mass Energy is a nonprofit, your total payments toward Mass Energy's green power programs are 100% federally tax-deductible.

How do I switch to green electricity?


1) CHOOSE from one of two renewable energy mix options:


(Please note that the above charges are in addition to regular electric charges)


2) ENROLL in just 5 minutes by filling out the online join form. All you need is your electricity account number.


3) PAY YOUR ELECTRIC BILL as normal. You pay a few cents extra per kWh for renewable energy right on your bill (for National Grid or Eversource/Western MA customers) or on a credit card (for Eversource/Eastern MA customers)

How much will it cost for me?


Use our green power premium calculator to see how much making the switch would cost for your home's electric usage. Plus, see how many pounds of carbon emissions it would prevent!




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How much will greening my electricity cost for me? (Typically, Mass Energy's green power programs add $14-$23 to your monthly electric bill, depending on how much electricity you use)

What "local renewable energy sources" does Mass Energy buy from?

How does buying renewable energy work? Why does it cost more?

Who is Mass Energy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

To speak to a Mass Energy representative, please contact: 

Pua Higginson

617-524-3950 ext. 142