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How to check if you can receive a tax-deduction through Brookline Green Electricity

Throughout 2021, the Town of Brookline contracted with an electricity company called Direct Energy Services in order to provide residents with stable electricity prices right on their electricity bills. This program is called Brookline Green Electricity. This affects most Brookline residents.

In 2021, the electricity supply included 30% more renewable energy than is required by law, which was supplied to Direct Energy Services by a 501c3 non-profit third party called Green Energy Consumers Alliance. A portion of what you pay per kWh for electricity goes to Green Energy Consumers for the purchase of renewable energy, and is therefore tax-deductible.

Use this website to calculate your tax-deduction if you are participating in the Brookline Green product.* Not sure if this applies to you? Follow the steps below to find out if you are eligible to receive a receipt for tax purposes, then calculate it and receive a receipt.


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*The Brookline Green product is the default product that Brookline residents formerly on Eversource Basic Service were enrolled in. You are probably enrolled in this program. Click "Get Started" and we'll help you figure it out! If you opted up to Brookline Green 65 or Brookline Green 100 (65% or 100% renewable energy, respectively), you do not need to use this website. Green Energy Consumers Alliance will send you a receipt in the mail in January. If you do not receive it, call Green Energy Consumers at 800-287-3950.