Drive Green

What is Drive Green?

An Electric Vehicle Discount Program for YOU

Drive Green is an electric vehicle program run by local non-profit, Green Energy Consumers Alliance. Green Energy Consumers' program offers you:

  • Tons of information about electric vehicles: on charging, consumer incentives, environmental impacts, and more!
  • A network of dealers who have agreed to:
    • Offering fixed discounts for program participants;
    • Having electric vehicles in stock;
    • Designating trained salespeople to the program, so you're working with somebody who knows the cars!

Check out the Drive Green website here. And remember, to qualify for the listed discounts, you must submit the form so that dealers known you are a Drive Green participant!

Go to Drive Green website!

What's Up in Concord?

Concord wants you to drive green too.

A plug-in electric car offers excellent performance and efficiency at an increasingly affordable cost. Concord Drives Electric is an outreach program to inform the electric utility customer about the savings and benefits that come from choosing an electric car and charging it at home overnight. If you're on this page, you probably came from Concord Drives Electric - welcome! 

  • Check out Concord Drives Electric here
  • Get your electric car at a discount through Drive Green here