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Green Energy Consumers Alliance believes electric vehicles (EVs) are the future: they're better for the environment, cheaper to own than gasoline-powered cars, and drivers love them!

One of the biggest obstacles to widespread EV adoption is that relatively few people know about them, which translates to doubts about the technology, charging, or pricing. Testimonials spread the word about EVs and our program, so that more people opt to participate in Drive Green. 

You can help us out by writing a testimonial - as long or as short as you'd like - about your experience with Drive Green and owning an electric car. Then snap a photo of yourself with your EV, send it to us, and we'll use it to help educate others about how great electric cars really are. 

Check out our Testimonials website page here. 

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Become an EV Ambassador

There's no better way to learn about electric cars than talking to someone who actually owns one. If you sign up to be an EV Ambassador, Green Energy Consumers Alliance will contact you when we host or attend events with EV showcases. 

You'll be invited to bring your car and share your experience with prospective EV buyers. It's a great opportunity to attend environmental events in your community and help others take a big step to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Sign up to be an EV Ambassador here.