An amazing new green movement is taking Massachusetts by storm, and Rhode Island could be next.

Whole communities–like Arlington, Brookline, Dedham, Somerville, Sudbury, and Winchester–are adding more local renewable energy to residents' electricity supply through a process referred to as Green Municipal Aggregation, or GMA (also known as community choice electricity aggregation). 

We've produced a comprehensive report on this movement: its benefits, challenges, climate impact and more. Dive in and see the impact, and how you can bring GMA to your community. 

A few highlights from the report:

  • The 6 most recent communities to adopt GMA are creating renewable energy demand equivalent to the output of 15-20 large-scale wind turbines

  • This year, these same GMA communities are saving an average of 17% on electricity compared to customers paying the utility Basic Service rate

  • GMA is a socially-equitable climate solution that can be implemented in the short-term, but has lasting impacts

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