Switch today.

Now, thanks to a partnership between Green Cambridge and Green Energy Consumers Alliance, you have an opportunity to strengthen your commitment to the environment by choosing green power for your electricity. Click on the link to the right to switch today!


 Why switch?

  • It's Effective – You get green electricity, and your purchase helps non-profit Mass Energy bring more local renewable energy onto the grid.
  • It’s Local – Green Energy Consumers invests in local renewable energy. Visit Green Energy Consumers' blog, and see how well they have supported community-based energy projects in Massachusetts.
  • It's Affordable -- It costs the average family an additional $14-$23 per month, and the premium is federally tax-deductible. Click here to calculate the average cost for your household.
  • It supports Green Cambridge's work -- Sign up today and Green Energy Consumers will make a $25 donation to Green Cambridge!


Making the switch is easy and affordable. Click "Switch now" to the right to get started today!

Switch now!