Feel good about
your electricity.

Make the switch to New England
renewable energy.


Green Energy Consumers is the only non-Profit supplier in National Grid & Rhode Island Energy GreenUp Program

The GreenUp program allows you to choose renewable energy for your electricity instead of the normal energy mix containing dirty fossil fuels. Your renewable energy choice appears right on your electric bill.

Green Energy Consumers, based in Boston and Providence, is the only non-profit GreenUp supplier. Help us keep fossil fuels in the ground by supporting new renewable energy structure in New England through our Green Powered program. If you are National Grid customer in MA or RI, enroll today!

Which would you choose?

Pie charts comparing the utility's average mix and our renewable energy resources.

You can choose the electricity mix in just a few simple steps.

IMG_3267North Providence, RI

How Green Powered works


from one of two options.

100% New England wind 25% New England wind, solar, low-impact hydro, and digester gas


in just 5 minutes online or phone with your National Grid or Rhode Island Energy electric account number.


as normal. You pay a few cents extra per kWh for renewable energy each month.


Scituate_topScituate, MA

100% New England Sources


Support renewable energy sources in our back yard.

How much does it cost?

Celebrating_Lynn_smallerFor the cost of a ticket to the movies each month, you can have 25 or 100% local green electricity.

  • Most pay $10-20 more per month through their electric bill.
  • The additional premium is 100% federally tax-deductible.
  • You pay per kWh you use. You can select from two renewable energy options, which differ in price and content.
100% 25%*
100% "new" wind from New England 25% "new" renewable energy from New England
*per state law, we supply 30% to RI residents
when they select the 25% option
3.8 cents/kWh added to your electric bill
(average $23 per month)
2.2 cents/kWh added to your electric bill
(average $13 per month)

100% federally tax-deductible.

To calculate your exact cost, grab your electricity bill and go to
our Green Powered calculator.

Coventry 2016Coventry, RI


Check out our FAQ to learn more about our program.

Or, contact us at 617-397-5199 x2 or hello@greenenergyconsumers.org.