Melrose Drives Green

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Electrifying our transportation system and giving people choices about how they get around are both core to the Melrose Net Zero Action Plan adopted in April 2022. Plan strategies include encouraging low-carbon modes of transportation such as walking, biking, and public transportation; encouraging the use of zero-emission vehicles including plug-in electric vehicles and e-bikes; and developing publicly accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure all over Melrose.

Providing up-to-date consumer information about the electric vehicle (EV) market, incentives, tax credits, and other shopping considerations is key to helping residents make their next vehicle purchase electric. The City of Melrose is pleased to partner with and introduce Melrose residents to the fantastic resources available through the Drive Green program offered by the Green Energy Consumers Alliance. We encourage Melrose residents to use this information resource, sign up for Drive Green webinars, and take part in the electric vehicle community.

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What is Drive Green?

Green Energy Consumers Alliance has created an electric vehicle program that makes going electric easier for you. Drive Green is an interactive platform that provides a range of information and educational resources about electric vehicles. It's a one-stop shop for answers to all of your questions about EVs!

Find everything you need to know about:

You can also compare electric vehicles using the shopping tool without any pressure to purchase before you're ready to make the switch.