National Drive Electric Week

During National Drive Electric Week, we hosted a series of webinars to heighten awareness of the many benefits of driving electric. If you couldn't make it, we've got you covered! Find video recordings of the webinar you missed below.

Electric Vehicles 101

Ask an EV Owner

Electrifying Transport in MA & RI

Electric Vehicles 101

Ask an EV Owner


Electrifying Transport

In Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Massachusetts Transportation

Rhode Island Transportation


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Drive Green’s mission is to protect our climate and environment by getting electric vehicles on the road in place of gas-powered cars. Through pre-negotiated discounts to purchase or lease, educational resources, advocacy, and test-drive opportunities, Drive Green’s one-of-a-kind platform makes going electric the right choice for our planet and the smart choice for your life. Stay in the loop on EV news - sign up for our quarterly newsletter below!

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