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35,000 lbs CO2 emissions avoided
by Somerville CCE program

Somerville's electricity is greener than most.

Somerville's community choice electricity program gives you more renewable energy options. Opt up to 100% local renewable energy right on your electric bill today! It only takes 5 minutes...

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What's going on in Somerville

As a resident of Somerville, MA, you are a part of Somerville’s Community Choice Electricity Aggregation (CCE) program.

This means, by default, you are getting a Somerville-only electricity supply that includes 21% local renewable energy instead of the 16% required by Massachusetts state law--and at a competitive price with Eversource's Basic Service. And nothing changed about how you pay for electricity - the program shows up right on your Eversource bill.

You also have the opportunity to "opt-up" to 100% renewable energy!

Who is Green Energy Consumers?

A local non-profit, supplying the additional local renewable energy to Somerville residents.

That means you are supporting more New England renewable energy projects (Massachusetts Class 1) than the average MA resident.

Green Energy Consumers Alliance matches electricity usage with Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard qualified “Class 1” Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from the projects in their portfolio to ensure that your purchase is truly helping to get more renewable energy on the power grid.

Not sure what that means? They’ve laid it all out here.

Somervillians are opting-up!

Help us reach our goal of 500 opt-ups.

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Why opt-up?

The city of Somerville has taken powerful action to shift more fossil fuels off of the New England power grid while keeping electricity rates competitive with Rversource’s basic supply mix. While Somerville’s decision is a great first step, you can go even further. Somerville’s CCE offers a 100% local renewable energy option for residents who’d like to upgrade to an even greener electricity mix: Somerville 100% Local Green.

After upgrading, you will be using 100% of your electricity dollar to demand local renewable energy, shifting fossil fuels off of our power grid even faster.

Who is opting up?

Somerville ma electricity CCE testimonial Paola"I opted-up to the Somerville Community Choice Electricity Aggregation as soon as it was launched. I am so grateful to Mass Energy and the City of Somerville for making this happen. As many other Somervillians, I want clean energy but I live in a multifamily home and getting solar panels on my building is financially and technically complicated. The City program gives me the opportunity to get electricity that is entirely generated using renewables here in Massachusetts, which means the creation of more local green jobs!"

Paola M, Somerville resident

Somerville ma electricity CCE testimonial Margaret"I worry about how climate change will change [my children's] futures. Opting up to the 100% Local Green energy was an easy decision. We need to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, if we want to slow down the warming of the earth. And, paying for the cents more per kWh to help fund clean, local energy production is a concrete action I can make to improve the future of my kids."

Margaret P, Somerville resident

Somerville ma electricity CCE testimonial Jessica and Ben"It was easy to switch. We want a clean, healthy future for our 6-year-old son and all kids, and the way to get there is to make sure our energy comes from renewable sources... Our kids depend on us to make healthy choices, and Somerville is making it easier for us to do so. And now the 100% renewable rate is so close to the regular Eversource rate it's a total no brainer to switch!"

Jessica G & Ben L, Somerville resident

How it works


in just 5 minutes online or via phone. All you need is your electricity account number.


as normal. You pay a few cents extra per kWh for renewable energy.


Opt-up now


100% New England Sources


Support renewable energy sources in our back yard

Let's talk pricing

When you switch to Somerville 100% Local Green you will pay a couple cents more for each kilowatt hour (kWh) that your home or business uses. Use this calculator to see how this would work our for you and you energy usage:

Go to the calculator


In the table below, you can see how Somerville 100% Local Green compares to Eversource’s current rates, which you were paying before the CCE went into effect. You’ll notice that, through Somerville 100% Local Green, you can pay a price that is currently close to Eversource’s current rate (only 12% renewable energy) AND get 100% renewable energy. It’s a great deal!



Check out Somerville's CCE website: 

Or, contact us at 800-287-3950 x5 or