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For Rhode Island residents and businesses, sign up for free consultations and quote comparison reports at:

For Massachusetts residents, Green Energy Consumers has partnered with Abode Energy Management to provide:

  • A FREE list of vetted heat pump installers in eastern Massachusetts. (West of Worcester residents, can find installers through Mass Save.)
  • Independent expert advice on heat pumps for your home. Mass Save, Clean Heat RI, and many municipal power companies now offer no-cost virtual consultations with decarbonization specialists. If you live outside of RI and the Mass Save and muni territories, you can still use our site to schedule a consultion with Abode. The consultation costs $150 for a 45-minute virtual session, which we think is well worth it considering the importance of your heating system decision.
  • Side-by-side quote comparison so you get the best bang for your bucks. Get 50% off this invaluable service, making it just $75.

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Educational resources on heat pumps

"All about heat pumps" webinar

Learn about heat pumps webpage

MassSave rebates to install (MA residents)

Rhode Island's heat pump rebates


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